‚ÄčYou'll get as far as you want!

Edwin and Brenda DePaula founded Zero to Infinity in 2014, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting personal and spiritual development through keynotes, seminars and community activities. 

Edwin is a published author, speaker and life coach; his life purpose is to share his story through his talks, seminars and publications in order to inspire others to set and achieve spiritual and personal goals.

For the past decade, Edwin has served in government municipalities and other non-

profit organizations in New York and Pennsylvania. His credentials include a bachelor's business degree in computer information systems and he's currently pursuing a graduate degree in pastoral ministry. 

Brenda's role as a life coach and speaker allow her to live her true passion of enriching and transforming lives by offering seminars and coordinating community activities related to personal development. Brenda holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in organizational

leadership. For the past 14 years she has dedicated her efforts in faith-based and community-based organizations. 

This dynamic duo will continue their journey in the country's Northeast region and beyond. To schedule a speaking engagement or with the DePaulas, email: info@zerotoinfinity.org or call (914) 882-6241.

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